Shadow of the Colossus: Valus Statue Unboxing!

Another unboxing? What is this madness? After the great Collectors edition of Kingdom Come Deliverance, I now unbox the collectors statue of Valus from Shadow of the Colossus. The game apparently is one of the best remakes ever (according to critics) so I look forward to playing it. 


Kingdom Come Deliverance Collectors Edition Unboxing!

In this video I open the Collectors Edition of Kingdom Come Deliverance. The Collectors edition comes with a bunch of cool things (that steelcase just looks amazing) but the party piece is definitely the 6 inch polyresin figurine of Henry. What do you guys think about this CE? Let me know in the comments!

Mutant Animal figurines Unboxing!

Last week I was looking on Amazon for a figurine/statue of King Kong. I didn’t find a figurine (well I did but they were a but too expensive) but I did stumble upon these. They are figurines of animals that use medieval weapons; yes, I know that that sounds weird. They are made by a company named Papo; it’s a French company and they make all kinds of figurines. At first I was only interested in the gorilla but I then decided to grab 4 of them which I show you guys in this video. My verdict; they look pretty cool and they are pretty well detailed so if you’re looking for some weird animal figurines you know which ones to get! 

Call of Duty WWII Limited Edition Gear Crate Unboxing!

I got this box full of Call of Duty WWII Goodies for €29.99 and I decided to unbox it for you guys! Hope you enjoy it!

This box contains:

  • A limited lithograph of Call of Duty WWII
  • Ronald Daniels Dog Tags
  • Ronald Daniels Cable Guy Figurine
  • Commando Beanie
  • Two Call of Duty WWII drinking glasses
  • A tin war cup
  • Two coasters with a map of occupied territories in World War 2

TheCollectorsCave Mini Montage Part 3!

Had some clips sitting on my hard drive and I decided to throw them together. Most of the games are on PS4 with the exception of NBA 2K17; that’s on PC! I hope you guys enjoy this short video; next week I’ll be back with a BIG weekly pick ups !

Justice League Comic Con Trailer !

First thoughts: I have been excited for this movie ever since the first teaser dropped and this trailer just fuels my excitement. Some of the shots in this trailer are just drop dead gorgeous! Justice League seems to be a great mix between action and humor; something that previous DCEU movies had trouble with (Ezra Miller is hilarious as the Flash). I’m also pumped to see Ben Affleck as Batman again; he was one of the highlights of Batman v Superman. But what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!