Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: Amazing! Trophy/Achievement guide!

For this trophy you need to complete a 60 hit combo. That might sound difficult but this video will show you an easy way to get it!

This is what you need to do:

  • Go to arcade mode and lower the difficulty to very easy
  • Then select Captain America and Iron Man
  • Proceed and fight until you have 2 bars of power
  • Active the first bar (the easy hyper combo), then press R1 to call in your second character (active switch) and activate their easy hyper combo.
  • The achievement/trophy will unlock after the match is finished!


Lawbreakers Beta: Blitzball Gameplay ! (PC)

Lawbreakers is a new arena shooter from Cliff Bleszinski; the man who gave us Gears of War and Unreal Tournament. I’ve been playing the beta for a couple of days now and I LOVE it. The gameplay is fast and there’s enough variation between the characters to provide everyone with a class that they like. My favorite gamemode so far is blitzball; two teams try to put the ball into the opponents goal. It’s a ton of fun and it really shows how awesome this game is. The beta is currently open on PC so go check it out!

My best bronze packs in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team !

Opening packs in FIFA Ultimate Team is extremely addicting; you never know when you might pack Ronaldo or Messi. That rarely happens tough so most of the time you’re just disappointed. But I’m never really disappointed when I open bronze packs because my expectations are extremely low. So when I do pack something special, I’m always really happy. In this video I’m going to show you guys some of my best bronze packs in this FIFA ! 

Scoring 100 000 + points on Galaga !

Galaga is an arcade classic that has been released on a number of home consoles. I bought the PS4 version a while ago (Arcade Game Series on the PSN store) and I really enjoy playing it. I’m not really good at it (the top leader boards are ridiculous) but that didn’t stop me from trying to set a decent high score. 

Gaming Montage Part 2 !

First of all I want to apologize for the lack of content on my blog. I’m working on a few things (mostly reviews) and some stuff is underway so that I can feature that in ‘Weekly Pick Ups’. But for now I made another little gaming montage. This time with more games (Dying Light and Battlefront joined the line up). I hope you enjoy it !

A Gaming Montage

I’m not a ‘1 game’ type of gamer; I play a bunch of different games, both offline and online. I had a lot of clips sitting on my hard drive from some of these games and I decided to throw them together in a little montage. The games include:

  • Battlefield 4
  • FIFA 16
  • Rocket League
  • Trials Fusion

I hope you guys enjoy the video!

Weekly pick-ups: Week 25

Last week I didn’t upload a weekly purchases post because I didn’t buy a single thing. This week things are a little different. I’ve got a book and some LEGO. But which book?

Terrible Old Games You Probably Never Heard Of by Stuart Ashen

Stuart Ashen is a Youtuber who uploads all kinds of videos. He reviews tech products (mostly horrible knock offs like the Pop Station etc), weird food stuff and he is famous for his various Poundland video’s. But he’s also done some gaming stuff and one of his series was called Terrible Old Games You Probably Never Heard Of. He reviewed some old games but not like AVGN; most of the games that AVGN reviewed are pretty popular and well known; Ashen usually reviewed some really weird and obscure stuff. Now he has written a book about old these terrible old games. And to support him, I bought it on Amazon . The book itself is really well made and it’s fun to read. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to learn about horrible games from the past.


LEGO Star Wars AT-DP and  A-Wing Starfighter 

These were the last 2 pieces of LEGO Star Wars that were bundled with the newspaper. I’m going to build all of them when I get some free time and then display them together with my Boba Fett LEGO light.

Did you ever buy something from a Youtuber? And if so, what was it? Let me know in the comments!