Weekly pick-ups: Week 106!

Microsoft dominates this weeks edition of ‘Weekly pick ups’! I get games for three different Microsoft systems and a PS4 game manages to sneak in to make a last minute appearance! 

Rad Rodgers (Xbox One)

I got this one because it was very cheap (€20) on release and so far it has been exactly what I thought it would be; a budget platform game. It’s nothing special but it’s definitely fun and the low price makes it an easy pick up.

Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo Elements of Power and Fable III (Xbox 360).

These three were pretty high on my ‘wanted’ list and I found them all for a very good price (Perfect Dark was €2 and Kameo and Fable III were around €7 each). Can’t wait to play some deathmatch games against bots on Perfect Dark!

Brute Force, Oddworld Munch’s Oddysee, Unreal II and Need for Speed Underground (Xbox)

Found these in a thrift store for €3/€4 each. I haven’t played any of them (well, I did play Need for Speed Underground but who hasn’t?) but I look forward to checking them out.

Kromaia Omega (PS4)

I’m a bit of a sucker for shoot em up games (Ikaruga, R-Type, …) so I got this to feed my shoot em up needs. The game isn’t exactly what I thought it would be but it isn’t bad. You might want to check out some YouTube video’s before buying it though.

What’s your favorite Microsoft console? Let me know in the comments!


Weekly pick-ups: Week 105!

Another big week for pick ups! I got some sweet collectors editions and a brand new controller!

Kingdom Come Deliverance Collectors Edition (PS4)

A great collectors edition for a very good price. If you want to see everything that’s in it, check out my unboxing video here; https://wp.me/p6lqKe-dO

Dynasty Warriors 9 + Steelcase and Carmageddon Max Damage (PS4)

The first open world Dynasty Warriors game! The steelcase was a pre-order extra; great if you love that kind of stuff (and I do love a good steelcase). Carmageddon was cheap and I just wanted to see how it’s like.

Shadow of the Colossus + Valus Statue (PS4)

According to critics, this is the best remaster ever. I still haven’t played it but I have shown the Valus statue in detail on video; check that out right here https://wp.me/p6lqKe-dQ

Sea of Thieves Limited Edition Controller (Xbox One)

A fantastic looking controller for the Xbox One. The skull logo actually lights up in the dark but I’ll probably never see it because I’m not planning on actually using the controller.

Call of Duty Valor Collection

This statue originally retailed at €150 here in Belgium. I liked the look of it but I didn’t want to pay that much. A few days ago however I saw it on Amazon for around €50 which is a much better price so I picked it up. It looks great and it gets a spot in my Call of Duty WWII Collection!

What’s your favorite Xbox One controller? Let me know in the comments!

Weekly pick-ups: Week 104!

It was another crazy week; I got sick (which sucks) but I also got some amazing stuff for my collection! Let’s get started!

PS VITA + Lumines, Resistance Burning Skies, Earth Defense Force 2 and Sly Cooper Thieves in Time

The PS Vita was never a hand held that was on my radar. The game library just isn’t my thing and most people asked a bit too much for their Vita. Well that was the case until I found this one for €50 (for the Vita, I bought the games myself). I then went out and bought some Vita exclusive games (Or games that seemed to be fun on the Vita) and I have to be honest; I mostly just play Lumines. The game is so much fun and so addictive that I haven’t really gotten around to playing the other games. I will do that in the future though but for now I’m focused on connecting some blocks!

NBA Live 18, Wolfenstein The New Order, Wolfenstein The Old Blood, The Legend of Kay Anniversary and Zombi (PS4)

I sold my copy of NBA 2K18 but I wanted another basketbal game to keep me entertained. I played the demo of NBA Live 18 and I didn’t hate it; yes, NBA 2K18 is still the better basketball game but at least this one doesn’t force me to use real money to progress my player. The Wolfenstein games are more fillers for my collection; I finished them both in the past (great games, go play them if you haven’t) but then I sold them to finance my purchase of Injustice 2. Now I saw a deal where both games were €10 each and I thought that it was a great time to add them back to my collection. Legend of Kay Anniversary is a game that I played on the PS2 and even though it wasn’t something mind blowing; it was still fun. And finally I got Zombi; a weird purchase because I already own the game digitally for the PS4 and Xbox One. But I really wanted a psychical copy of one of my favorite horror games of the past few years. I know that a lot of people thought it was mediocre at best but I absolutely loved it. You can find my full review for it here: https://wp.me/p6lqKe-1U

James Bond; Agent under Fire (PS2)

This game completes my 007 collection for the ‘recent’ consoles (starting from the PS2). This game is pretty hard to find and most of the time it’s the platinum or classic version and I don’t want that as a collector.

Dark Souls II (Xbox One)

I’m preparing myself for the Dark Souls Remastered so I got the second game in the series (I got the third game last week, check that out if you haven’t already!).

Balrog Funko Pop Vinly Figure

This is the Funko Pop that my brother originally wanted to buy me for Christmas ; he just couldn’t find one so he opted for the Saruman figure. I recently came across it for a fair price and my God is it awesome! It’s bigger than a normal Funko Pop and it just looks bad-ass!

Logitech G413 Carbon and Snakebyte Game Pad Pro Wireless (not pictured) 

I needed a new keyboard and after some Googling I found that the Logitech G413 Carbon was a great mechanical keyboard for the price (it’s €99). I’ve been using it for more than a week now and I like it; I’ve never typed so loud in my entire life! The controller was more of a test; I wanted to see if it was any good for the price. And it really is but you can check out my full review here; https://wp.me/p6lqKe-dC


What’s a gaming series that you collect? Why do you collect it and is it hard to get it complete? Let me know in the comments!

Weekly pick-ups: Week 103!

I buy too many games! This week I added a bunch of games to both my PS4 and Xbox One collection!

Overwatch GOTY, Axiom Verge Multiverse Edition, Dark Souls III Apocalypse Edition, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Monster Hunter World, Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy, Resident Evil 5 and Earth Defense Force 4.1 (PS4)

Some of them were pre-orders of games that I really wanted on day one (Dragon Ball, Axiom Verge and Monster Hunter). The rest I got because I found them for cheap or because I liked the special edition aspect of them. Now I just need to find the time to play them all …

Dishonored 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider, State of Decay Year One Edition, Batman Arkham Knight, Killer Instinct Combo Breaker pack and Ryse Son of Rome (Xbox One)

These games were all pretty cheap and were on my ‘wanted’ list for a while. I already completed Arkham Knight on the PS4 (I own the CE) but I happily complete it a second time. Same story with Ryse; completed it on PC but I happily fight my way through hordes of enemies once again!

What’s your favorite Dragon Ball game of all time? Let me know in the comments!


Weekly pick-ups: Week 102!

Another week, another huge haul of games!

Fable Anniversary, Fable II and Borderlands Triple Pack (Xbox 360)

I really wanted to play the Fable games again and the good thing about the Fable games is that they are backwards compatible with the Xbox One. Fable Anniversary was pretty expensive but I didn’t really mind. Borderlands Triple Pack is a weird one for me; I never really enjoyed a Borderlands game but for the low price of €8 I was willing to give them another go.

Deux EX Mankind Divided, Assassins Creed Unity, Evil Within 2 (PS4)

Yes, I know that you can currently get Deux EX for free with Playstation Plus; I completely forgot about it. Unity completes my Assassins Creed collection (well, I still need the chronicles collection but I’ll find those eventually) and Evil Within 2 was just really cheap so why not? I’m a big horror movie/game guy so this game must be right up my alley.

The Elders Scrolls Online (Xbox One)

The game was really cheap and that’s the only reason that I got it. I’ll definitely play it but I doubt that I’ll actually enjoy it. I’m just not a big fan of the newer Elder Scrolls games (I loved Morrowind but after that I just couldn’t get into Elder Scrolls games).

Enslaved and Little Big Planet (PS3)

Two games to add to the PS3 collection; Enslaved looked cool and interesting and Little Big Planet is a must have for any Playstation owner.

What’s your favorite Xbox 360 game? Let me know in the comments!

Weekly pick-ups: Week 101!

What a crazy week! I got some more PS3 games and I added an absolute gem to my PS2 collection!

Crysis 2, Crysis 3, Aliens vs Predator, ModNation Racers, Sacred 3 first edition, Dragon Age 1 and Dragon Age 2 (PS3)

The ‘get 3, pay 2’ deal was still going strong so I decided to add some more games to my PS3 collection. I mostly got games that looked interesting. I played Modnation Racers for a bit and that’s really fun. And today I’m going to see how Crysis 2 runs on a PS3.

Assassins Creed Ezio Collection (Xbox One)

My colleague is a big Assassins Creed fan and he’s the reason that I wanted to revisit the series. The Ezio collection is perfect for that because it has 3 games!

Assassins Creed (Xbox 360)

The only Assassins Creed game that I ever completed. I got it just to complete my collection but because it is backwards compatible with the Xbox One, I can still pop it in and play it sometime.

Assassins Creed Syndicate, Sniper Elite 4 and Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY (PS4)

I bought Sniper Elite 4 in an impuls but it was really entertaining. The story is a bit short but it’s a very enjoyable game. The other two games fit in nicely with the rest of my purchases (completing the series of both Assassins Creed and Dragon Age).

Metal Slug Anthology (PS2)

I’m a HUGE Metal Slug fan and this Anthology gives me a ton of Metal Slug for a very low price.

Incredible Hulk Q-Fig

The Q-Fig series is a bit like funko POP’s but better (at least for me) because the overal finish and look is just nicer (once again, just my opinion). My brother got this for me and it looks great!

What’s your favorite game in the Assassins Creed franchise? Let me know in the comments!



Weekly pick-ups: Week 100!

Time for a party! For this 100th blog entry I got some sweet PS3 and Xbox One games and 1 pretty big pluche!

GTA IV, GTA Episodes of Liberty City, Army of Two 40th Day, Warriors Orochi 3 and Dynasty Warriors Strike force (PS3)

I wasn’t a big fan of GTA IV when I first played it but I decided to give it a second chance and I also got the two big DLC packs for it. The three other games were a bundle; get 3, pay 2.

Stardew Valley Collectors Edition and Rayman Legends (Xbox One)

Normally I only buy Xbox One exclusives but I made an exception for these two games. Stardew Valley looks to be a lot of fun (and a bit of a time eater) and I just love Rayman Legends; the game is so beautiful and fun to play!

Junimo pluche

Got it for €12 for no particular reason. It just looks cool.

Medal of Honor Rising Sun (Xbox)

A great entry in the, now dead, Medal of Honor franchise. Got it for €2 in a second hand shop.

Master Roshi coin bank

I’m a big Dragon Ball fan and I found this great looking coin bank for €12 and I just couldn’t resist it. Fits in nicely with the rest of my Dragon Ball figurines!

What’s your favorite Xbox One game? Let me know in the comments!