Weekly pick-ups: Week 104!

It was another crazy week; I got sick (which sucks) but I also got some amazing stuff for my collection! Let’s get started!

PS VITA + Lumines, Resistance Burning Skies, Earth Defense Force 2 and Sly Cooper Thieves in Time

The PS Vita was never a hand held that was on my radar. The game library just isn’t my thing and most people asked a bit too much for their Vita. Well that was the case until I found this one for €50 (for the Vita, I bought the games myself). I then went out and bought some Vita exclusive games (Or games that seemed to be fun on the Vita) and I have to be honest; I mostly just play Lumines. The game is so much fun and so addictive that I haven’t really gotten around to playing the other games. I will do that in the future though but for now I’m focused on connecting some blocks!

NBA Live 18, Wolfenstein The New Order, Wolfenstein The Old Blood, The Legend of Kay Anniversary and Zombi (PS4)

I sold my copy of NBA 2K18 but I wanted another basketbal game to keep me entertained. I played the demo of NBA Live 18 and I didn’t hate it; yes, NBA 2K18 is still the better basketball game but at least this one doesn’t force me to use real money to progress my player. The Wolfenstein games are more fillers for my collection; I finished them both in the past (great games, go play them if you haven’t) but then I sold them to finance my purchase of Injustice 2. Now I saw a deal where both games were €10 each and I thought that it was a great time to add them back to my collection. Legend of Kay Anniversary is a game that I played on the PS2 and even though it wasn’t something mind blowing; it was still fun. And finally I got Zombi; a weird purchase because I already own the game digitally for the PS4 and Xbox One. But I really wanted a psychical copy of one of my favorite horror games of the past few years. I know that a lot of people thought it was mediocre at best but I absolutely loved it. You can find my full review for it here: https://wp.me/p6lqKe-1U

James Bond; Agent under Fire (PS2)

This game completes my 007 collection for the ‘recent’ consoles (starting from the PS2). This game is pretty hard to find and most of the time it’s the platinum or classic version and I don’t want that as a collector.

Dark Souls II (Xbox One)

I’m preparing myself for the Dark Souls Remastered so I got the second game in the series (I got the third game last week, check that out if you haven’t already!).

Balrog Funko Pop Vinly Figure

This is the Funko Pop that my brother originally wanted to buy me for Christmas ; he just couldn’t find one so he opted for the Saruman figure. I recently came across it for a fair price and my God is it awesome! It’s bigger than a normal Funko Pop and it just looks bad-ass!

Logitech G413 Carbon and Snakebyte Game Pad Pro Wireless (not pictured) 

I needed a new keyboard and after some Googling I found that the Logitech G413 Carbon was a great mechanical keyboard for the price (it’s €99). I’ve been using it for more than a week now and I like it; I’ve never typed so loud in my entire life! The controller was more of a test; I wanted to see if it was any good for the price. And it really is but you can check out my full review here; https://wp.me/p6lqKe-dC


What’s a gaming series that you collect? Why do you collect it and is it hard to get it complete? Let me know in the comments!


My E3 2017 Top 5 !

A ton of new games have been announced/shown on E3 and I’m going to list my personal favorites. Let’s do this!

1.God Of War : Be A Warrior

We got some gameplay footage of the new God of War game and it looks amazing! I’m already looking forward to kill that giant snake thing we see at the end of the trailer.

2. Spider-Man!

An exclusive Spider-Man game for the PS4 will always interest me especially one that looks as good as this one. The combat reminds me a lot of the Batman Arkham games and that’s a good thing; I really love the timing based combat. A good Spider-Man off course has good web slinging and this game seems to deliver on that front; the web slinging looks fun and solid. The worst part of this game is its release date: 2018. Bummer!

3. Call of Duty WII Multiplayer trailer!

I haven’t been excited for a new COD game since Black Ops but this one put me right back on the hype train. I’m skeptical that the multiplayer will look this good and fluid but we shall see. The trailer didn’t show any exuberant skins on the weapons and I hope that this is also the case for the final game. I don’t want to play a World War 2 shooter with a pink MP40.

4. Skull and Bones

My favorite Assassins Creed game is Black Flag so you can see why I’m excited for this game. I’d love a good online pirate game but it is still Ubisoft so I’m skeptical; how are the servers going to be ? What about the balance ? I’m going to try to get access to the beta to see how the game plays but the trailer does look good.

5. A Way Out

2 brothers breaking out of jail might not sound like the most interesting premise ever but what is interesting is the fact that it is co-op. I love a good co-op game and this might be a very good one!

Honorable mentions:

  • Wolfenstein II The New Colossus
  • Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (the gameplay looks great!)
  • Xbox One X
  • Need for Speed Payback
  • Metro Exodus

What has been your favorite E3 announcement? Let me know in the comments!

Weekly pick-ups: Week 18

The days are getting colder so I’ll probably spend even more time behind my PC/TV playing games and watching movies. And that’s reflected in what I bought this week.

The Joker Figurine

I’ve bought this figurine on eBay but I’ve no idea from which series it is or from what set. I bought it because it looked cool and because it was cheap (€7 with shipping). The costume does remind me of Arkham Asylum so that might be where it is from.

Joker figurine and PS4 games

Dishonored Definitive edition, Wolfenstein The New Order and Wolfenstein The Old Blood (PS4)

These games were bundled for €60 which was a deal that I couldn’t pass up. I’ve already completed two of the games (Dishonored on PC and Wolfenstein the New Order on PS4) but I’ll happily play them again, especially Dishonored because my first play through was pretty chaotic.

Did you ever buy something weird? Let me know in the comments!