“MAGIC”: A FIFA18 Montage!

This is my final FIFA18 montage and it contains the best goals that I’ve scored in the last couple of months. All the goals were scored in online Ultimate Team (two of them in the World Cup mode!). I hope you guys enjoy it!


FIFA18: Winning the One Nation DKT with Switzerland!

It’s pretty quiet in FIFA18 Ultimate Team these days and that’s mostly because of the World Cup game mode. I’ve played the WC mode for a bit and I enjoyed but I still went back to regular Ultimate Team because it just has more cards. This week’s DKT made you use a team from one nation (a bit of a World Cup theme going on there) and I decided to go with Switzerland. They have some OK players but no one that’s really super overpowered and that would mean that I would be in for a bit of a challenge. In the video below I show you how I played my way to victory. Be prepared to see a lot of goals!

A Quick Little Room Tour Video!

I made a little video showing you guys how my collection looks as of today. I’ll do another video in a couple of weeks when I look at everything in more detail. But this video will give you guys an idea how my collection currently looks!

FIFA18 – Just Have Fun (Montage)!

Since the introduction of Fut Champs in FIFA17 the game has gotten a lot more serious. Done are the days when you would face a Brazilian skiller squad in higher divisions or when people tried to beat you with all kinds of crazy cards. These days, especially in Weekend League and in the Daily Knockout Tournaments, people just want to get the win. That results in sometimes boring games where my opponent starts to pass the ball around as soon as he gets the lead. I’m not a great FIFA player (I finish around Gold 2/Gold 3 in Fut Champs) but I like to have fun and that’s what I wanted to show in this montage. I rather score a beautiful goal and lose than play like a ‘dick’ and win. I also love playing with players that don’t fit the meta of the game; just because I like them in real life or because their card appeals to me. I hope you guys enjoy this video and I see you next time!

God of War Collectors Edition Unboxing!

I’ve always loved the God of War games.The mix of a great story and solid fighting mechanics made the franchise a must have for Playstation owners. The newest addition in the series dumps the Greek mythology and goes all in on the Norse mythology. I personally like that move; it keeps the series fresh. I went out and got the collectors edition that I unbox in the video below. Have you picked up the new God of War game yet? Let me know in the comments!