Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 49!

This week I got back into PC gaming and I bought a Limited Edition blu-ray 

Humble Bundle (Survive This)

The Humble Bundle is such a good deal if you’re gaming on a budget. You can get some quality games for a low price; I paid €6 and I got 6 games. So far I’ve only played Rust and Savage Lands but when I got some more time I’ll give the other ones a go too.

Humble Bundle

Batman: The Killing Joke Limited Edition Gift Set (blu-ray)

A few weeks ago I finally bought the graphic novel and this week I added the blu-ray to my collection. The movie received mixed reviews but that didn’t stop me from buying this awesome gift set. A full review will be uploaded somewhere next week.

Batman The Killing Joke Limited Edition Gift set


What’s your favorite place to buy cheap PC games? Let me know in the comments!



Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 47!

Last week I got a fairly big haul but that’s nothing compared to this week! I’ve got a new game, some movies, a graphic novel and more! 

The Great Escape and I know what you did last summer (blu-ray)

I had a MediaMarkt gift card laying around and I decided to use some of it on these 2 movies. I already owned the The Great Escape on DVD but the quality wasn’t that great so I upgraded to the blu-ray version. I know what you did last summer is a movie that I had on my ‘wanted’ list for some time and now I finally found it for a decent price. The movie is not really that good (5.6 on IMDB says it all really) but I collect horror movies so it needed to be in my collection.

The Killing Joke Deluxe Edition

One of the greatest graphic novels of all time and a must have for every Batman fan! I’ve read it before but with the release of the animated movie I decided to buy the deluxe edition.


Lego Mighty Micros: The Flash and Captain Cold + Catwoman and Batman 

I couldn’t resist completing the DC set of these Lego Mighty Micros . Last week I bought the Robin/Bane one and this week I added the Catwoman/Batman and The Flash/Captain Cold. These sets are great value for money and are a nice addition to my DC collection.

South Park: The Stick of Truth (PS3)

I went to pre-order the new South Park game (the collectors edition in fact) and I realized that I never even played the first one (I did see a ton of videos of people playing it though). I bought it for €14.99 which isn’t too bad and I’m going to complete it before the new one comes out (Fractured but Whole arrives in December so I have a lot of time to complete this one).

What’s your favorite graphic novel? Let me know in the comments!