Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 96!

I’m back! I took a couple of weeks of but now I’m back with a bang!

Nintendo 3DS XL Super Nintendo Edition

I wanted a 3DS for a long time but I didn’t really like the colors/special editions. That all changed when I saw this beauty! It looks amazing and I’ve spent a good chunk of my free time playing New Super Mario Bros 2. Which brings me to …

New Super Mario Bros 2, Kirby Triple Deluxe and Zelda Ocarina of Time (3DS)

You need some good games to play on your new console and I got these 3. All Nintendo games and all of them received good reviews (or at least decent reviews). I’ve almost finished New Super Mario Bros 2 and then I’m probably going to play some Zelda.

Kirby Amiibo

There isn’t really a particular reason that I got this. I saw it in the shop, liked the look of it and just got it. Fits in nicely with my Shovel Knight Amiibo.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PS3)

Yes, I know that you can play the PS2 version on the PS4 but it’s nice to get a physical copy of the game for my PS3. I’ll probably play it a ton around Christmas.

LA Noire and Bioshock Collection (PS4)

LA Noire was (and still is) a brilliant game. Finding clues, figuring out if someone is lying or not; it’s all done so very well. There are still some bugs in the game but that doesn’t really ruin to fun! The original Bioshock is one of my favorite games ever and I wanted to play it again so I got the entire collection. Bioshock 2 is more action packed but still good and Bioshock Ininite is also a great game.

What’s your favorite version of the 3DS? Let me know in the comments!


Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 91 !

This week I went to visit an asylum and I bought the highest rated DCEU movie!

Wonder Woman (blu-ray)

Wonder Woman is my favorite DCEU movie for a number of reasons; the action scenes are solid, the dialogue has a good mix between serious and goofy and the build up to the final fight is excellent. There are off course things that I didn’t enjoy (I’m not a huge fan of using so many slow mo shots) but overall it’s a really good movie! Seeing this made me even more excited for the upcoming Justice League film!



Manhunt 2 (PS2)

Working in a game shop has its perks and finding gems like this for cheap is definitely one of them. I paid €7.99 for this game and it’s in very good condition and complete. On eBay (I know that eBay prices are a bit inflated) one sold last week for €28 (and that came with a €12 shipping cost). Being a fan of the Manhunt series (real shame that it never got a third installment) I look forward to play the second one.

What’s your best purchase ever? Let me know in the comments!


Weekly pick-ups: Week 35!

Sony have released some PS2 classics for the PS4. Rockstar seems very keen of releasing most of their PS2 classics on the PS4 and I decided to buy one of these Rockstar games. But which one did I get?

Manhunt (PS4)

Normally I’d buy GTA Vice City because that’s my favorite game of all time. But my brother already bought that game so if I really want to play it, I can just play it on his PS4. So I decided to try Manhunt. I’ve never played the game before but I read a lot about it (mostly about the controversy it caused when it was released). I’ve played it for about 2 hours now and it definitely shows its age but it’s still a very solid game to play.


What’s your favorite classic Rockstar game? Let me know in the comments!

Top 5 Grand Theft Auto games !

The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most popular gaming series ever. The games have established a huge fan base over the years and I’m one of those fans. But which GTA game is my favorite ? 

5) Grand Theft Auto 2 (PS1)

My brother rented this game from our local video store and we both loved it. We never played any missions but we loved causing mayhem in the city. The graphics were pretty good for the time and it was just a very fun game to play. I still remember how happy we were when we found the tank so that we could cause even more mayhem. Great memories.


4) Grand Theft Auto 3 (PS2)

The next GTA game that I’ve ever played was GTA 3. It was a big step up from 2 because of the graphics. Everything felt a little bit more real which caused a lot of controversy when it was released (scared parents and politicians who tried to ban the game). I really enjoyed it mainly because of the open and realistic world. Owh and because of the radio station that played the Scarface soundtrack (Flashback FM).


3) Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PS2)

I bought it on its release (I had a really hard time finding it because I didn’t pre-order it) and I liked it a lot. My brother on the other hand hated it. I then convinced him to keep playing it and after a while he started to enjoy it. We spent a lot of our free time roaming trough the streets of San Andreas listing to rap music (or country music on K.Rose). This game didn’t leave my PS2 for a couple of months.


2) Grand Theft Auto V (PS3,PS4)

I didn’t have any expectations for this game because I was still disappointed about GTA IV (see below). I picked it up when it dropped in price and I was pleasantly surprised when I played it. The world looked great and was vivid and the main characters were amazing. I loved the story and the way the story was told; it really built up to an epic conclusion. I loved the game so much that I finished it twice in less than a year; a good sign for the quality of a game. Too bad that the GTA Online was/is so buggy and that it took Rockstar so long to include online heists.

Grand Theft Auto V_20150101195818

1)Grand Theft Auto Vice City (PS2)

My favorite game of all time ! I’m a huge fan of 80’s music, films and series so this game was right up my alley. The story, the characters, the music, … ; everything was just right. When I’m bored I still play it; just doing taxi missions whilst I listen to the excellent music. GTA Vice City was everything I’ve ever wanted in game and then some. What an amazing game!



*GTA IV isn’t in this list because I didn’t really enjoy it. I was super hyped for its release (first GTA game on the ‘new’ consoles) and I bought the collector’s edition on the release. I then played it for about 7-8 hours and then I came to the conclusion that this game wasn’t for me. I didn’t like the way the cars felt and the characters and story didn’t do anything for me. 


What’s your favorite GTA game ? Let me know in the comments!