Weekly pick-ups: Week 121!

I set a challenge for myself: I could only buy a new game when I finished one that has been setting in my backlog for a while. A couple of days ago I finished “South Park: The Fractured But Whole” (great game, check it out if you haven’t) so that meant that I could buy a new game! So guess what I did?

Lock’s Quest (Xbox One)

I don’t know a single thing about this game but the description on the back looked interesting and it was only €5 so why not?

Slain (PS4)

Yes, I know. I finished one game but I bought two of them; that wasn’t really the plan but I couldn’t pass this one up. It reminded me a lot of Castlevania Symphony Of The Night and that’s one of my favorite PS1 games so I decided to go for it. It’s tough but I like a good challenge!

Do you struggle with an enormous backlog of unfinished games? How do you fix that? Let me know in the comments!


Arthur and the Knights of Justice: Call of duty WW2 Edition!

One of my favorite cartoons from my childhood is Arthur and the Knights of Justice. The premise was just really cool; a football team goes back to the Middle Ages to fight for Camelot. They use some semi modern weaponry and the show is a joy to watch. So when I was watching a couple of the episodes I had the idea of combining that show with Call of Duty WW2. And here’s the result!

FIFA18: The Full Weekend League Experience!

Playing Weekend League is a roller coaster of emotions; you get super hyped when you score a 90th minute game winner but you also want to destroy your controller when your goalkeeper fails to stop a single shot.

All these emotions are bundled in this weekend league video! You’ll some of my highest highs and my lowest lows. Hope you enjoy it!


Weekly pick-ups: Week 113!

Another week with a bunch of new games so let’s get right to it!

Agony and Raiden V Directors Cut (PS4)

Agony was a game that I had on my radar for a long time; the setting look really cool and I’m always up for a horror game. Raiden V is a shoot em up game of the purest form. It’s nothing too special but it’s a ton of fun and you can find it for a very low price (I paid around €15 for mine,new)

Mark McMorris Infinite Air and Resident Evil Revelations (Xbox One)

As a collector I always check the budget bin when I can because you never know which little gems you’re going to find. I got those two games for €5 each which is an absolute steal. I’ve played the Infinite Air game a bit but I’m not a huge fan of realistic snowboard games so I don’t know how much I’m actually going to play it but for €5 I was willing to give it a go. I’ve already played Revelations and I thought it was a good game but I didn’t own it on the Xbox One so why not?

What’s the best thing you’ve ever gotten from a budget bin? Let me know in the comments!

A Quick Little Room Tour Video!

I made a little video showing you guys how my collection looks as of today. I’ll do another video in a couple of weeks when I look at everything in more detail. But this video will give you guys an idea how my collection currently looks!

FIFA18 – Just Have Fun (Montage)!

Since the introduction of Fut Champs in FIFA17 the game has gotten a lot more serious. Done are the days when you would face a Brazilian skiller squad in higher divisions or when people tried to beat you with all kinds of crazy cards. These days, especially in Weekend League and in the Daily Knockout Tournaments, people just want to get the win. That results in sometimes boring games where my opponent starts to pass the ball around as soon as he gets the lead. I’m not a great FIFA player (I finish around Gold 2/Gold 3 in Fut Champs) but I like to have fun and that’s what I wanted to show in this montage. I rather score a beautiful goal and lose than play like a ‘dick’ and win. I also love playing with players that don’t fit the meta of the game; just because I like them in real life or because their card appeals to me. I hope you guys enjoy this video and I see you next time!