Weekly pick-ups: Week 133!

The silent assassin is back! I got myself the collectors edition from Hitman 2 and a figurine from a game that I’ve been playing a lot lately.

Hitman 2 Collectors Edition (PS4)

I love the Hitman franchise and when I saw this collectors edition I just had to have it! It comes in a replica gun case that is filled with Hitman related goodies! You can see the unboxing on my other YouTube channel that I run with a friend:

Cayde-6 Action Figure – McFarlane Toys

I bought Destiny 2 when it was released back in September of last year but I didn’t play it a lot at the time. I started to play it again (on PC) because it was free and I’m having a ton of fun now! This figurine was normally €30 but I got it for €15; a superb deal!


What’s your favorite stealth game? Let me know in the comments!


H1Z1: Down a Man? Just Carry Harder! (PS4)

What do you do when your buddy dies in a game of duo’s? Give up? Well, I never give up! I decided to go for the win even though I was outnumbered. The taste of success never tasted any sweeter!

Weekly pick-ups: Week 125!

WHAT.A.WEEK! I bought some game related figurines on eBay and I went all in on Spider-Man!

Maximo Figurines

A couple of months ago I bought one of these figurines (Maximo himself) but I felt bad afterwards that I didn’t buy the rest because they are pretty rare. A couple of weeks ago I saw them pop up again on eBay (from the same seller as the first one) so I got them all. I still don’t have a full set (need two more) but that might change in the near future!

Spider-Man Limited Edition PS4 PRO!

My Playstation was on its last breath; it made more noise than an attack helicopter and from time to time it refused to work completely. So I decided to upgrade and the choice went to the limited edition PRO from Spider-Man! Why? I’m a big Spider-Man fan and I like the way it looks. And why not upgrade to something that looks as good as this?

Spider-Man Collectors Edition (PS4)

I told you that I want all in on Spider-Man and I really did. I pre-ordered the collectors edition right after it was available because I just had to have it! The statue is a bit disappointing (I excepted something of the same quality as the most recent God of War one) but overal I’m pretty happy with it!

Did you guys play the new Spider-Man game? If so, did you like it? Let me know in the comments!

Weekly pick-ups: Week 123!

I’ve finished Halo 4 this week and you know what that ment: I could buy another game! The timing was perfect because there was a game that has been on my radar ever since it was announced. I also got two Marvel related statues/figurines which fit in nicely with my collection!

Dead Cells (PS4)

This game got a lot of press the last few weeks and not only because it’s a great throwback to the Metroidvania games. An IGN writer plagiarized his Dead Cells review and that unleashed an even bigger shitstorm. I’m just happy that I can play Dead Cells on my Playstation 4.

Gladiator Hulk (Marvel Select) and Magneto (Marvel Now)

I saw the Magneto statue in the shop a couple of weeks ago but I then decided to buy the Iron-Man from Spider-Man Homecoming. Clever choice because a few days later I found the Magneto statue for a much better price online. Statue looks great and Magneto is one of my favorite Marvel villains! The Gladiator Hulk is probably my favorite version of the Hulk: it just looks badass!

Who’s your favorite Marvel villain? Let me know in the comments!


Bonus pictures from the two figurines:

Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 97!

Weekly pick ups returns with a bang! I added a lot of games to my PS3 collection and I got a new console! Let’s do this!


I bought this for two reason: to play Super Castlevania IV and Super Mario World and the reason that I got this instead of a classic SNES; the size. This fits perfectly on my desk without needing to move everything around.

Soul Calibur IV, Soul Calibur V, Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires, Silent Hill Homecoming (PS3)

The announcement of Soul Calibur VI made me so excited that I wanted to play a Soul Calibur game again. I found both games for a very good price and I already finished both of them. Great games and I can’t wait for Soul Calibur VI. Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions is a great Spider-Man game because you can play as different versions of Spider-Man who all play differently. The noir version of Spider-Man is a stealth specialist, whilst the venom version of Spider-Man uses brute force. The variety really makes the game fun to play. I’m a big fan of Dynasty Warriors games and I still missed this one in my collection so I picked it up. And then we got Silent Hill Homecoming; I haven’t played it yet but I really wanted to play a Silent Hill game. I’m still looking for the HD collection of the first games but that seems to be pretty hard to find (and a bit too expensive).

Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package (PS4)

This version includes all the DLC and extra’s that were released for Dead Rising 4 on Xbox One and PC. I’m not a huge fan of this game because it is a bit too easy. Still a fun game to play though.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (Xbox One)

One of the most popular games on Steam right now and that’s why people were really excited that it would get an Xbox One release. Well it turns out that the game isn’t optimized for the Xbox One and therefore it runs horribly. The graphics are bad and the framerate dips below 30 a bit too much. It is an early access title so things can still improve drastically but so far it isn’t a great game on the Xbox One.

Puzzle Bobble Universe (3DS)

It’s Puzzle Bobble; what more can I say? This game is perfect for short gaming sessions of 10-15 minutes and that’s exactly why I got it.

Are you guys a fan of these mini versions of classic consoles? And which console do you want to see remade as a mini console? Let me know in the comments!