FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Montage: These Kids Aren’t Alright!

My first montage of FIFA 18. It’s the usual stuff from me; long shots and a bit of trickery. I hope you guys enjoy the video!


TheCollectorsCave Mini Montage Part 3!

Had some clips sitting on my hard drive and I decided to throw them together. Most of the games are on PS4 with the exception of NBA 2K17; that’s on PC! I hope you guys enjoy this short video; next week I’ll be back with a BIG weekly pick ups !

Awesome Rocket League montage by Mokula!

I played a lot of Rocket League in the past and most of that was 2 vs 2 with a friend of mine. I wasn’t too good but he was pretty amazing at the game. He now made a very nice montage of some of his best goals/saves/aerials that I wanted to share with you guys! He just started his Youtube channel and he told me that he’s going to upload more Rocket League footage in the future! So go show him some love!


Hello! This week (like last week) there won’t be a ‘Weekly Pick-Ups’ blog post but it will be back next week! To keep you guys entertained I decided to make another FIFA17 Goal montage. It’s the game I play the most (besides Counter-Strike GO) so I had a lot of clips sitting on my hard drive. I tried to show a little bit of everything; long shots,free kicks, skill goals, chips, … . I hope you guys enjoy the video! Enjoy your weekend!


My second FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Montage and I went the old skool (throwback Thursday)┬ároute with this one. The intro has the audio of FIFA 06 and the song in the montage itself is a 90’s classic! This montage has a bit of everything; great tekkers, stunning goals and some keeper heroics! I hope you guys enjoy the video!