Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 91 !

This week I went to visit an asylum and I bought the highest rated DCEU movie!

Wonder Woman (blu-ray)

Wonder Woman is my favorite DCEU movie for a number of reasons; the action scenes are solid, the dialogue has a good mix between serious and goofy and the build up to the final fight is excellent. There are off course things that I didn’t enjoy (I’m not a huge fan of using so many slow mo shots) but overall it’s a really good movie! Seeing this made me even more excited for the upcoming Justice League film!



Manhunt 2 (PS2)

Working in a game shop has its perks and finding gems like this for cheap is definitely one of them. I paid €7.99 for this game and it’s in very good condition and complete. On eBay (I know that eBay prices are a bit inflated) one sold last week for €28 (and that came with a €12 shipping cost). Being a fan of the Manhunt series (real shame that it never got a third installment) I look forward to play the second one.

What’s your best purchase ever? Let me know in the comments!



Weekly pick-ups: Week 35!

Sony have released some PS2 classics for the PS4. Rockstar seems very keen of releasing most of their PS2 classics on the PS4 and I decided to buy one of these Rockstar games. But which one did I get?

Manhunt (PS4)

Normally I’d buy GTA Vice City because that’s my favorite game of all time. But my brother already bought that game so if I really want to play it, I can just play it on his PS4. So I decided to try Manhunt. I’ve never played the game before but I read a lot about it (mostly about the controversy it caused when it was released). I’ve played it for about 2 hours now and it definitely shows its age but it’s still a very solid game to play.


What’s your favorite classic Rockstar game? Let me know in the comments!