Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 80!

Superheroes and Lego go together like bread and butter. This week I got hands on one of the Marvel Lego games!

Lego Marvel Super Heroes (PS4)

My mom actually bought this for my on a yard sale for €5; a great price for a great game!

What’s your favorite LEGO game? Let me know in the comments!


Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 70!

This week we get a visit from both Lego Batman and the Punisher!

Lego Batman: Joker Balloon Escape

I haven’t seen the Lego Batman movie (yet) but this Lego set was just too cool to not pick up. I might pick up more of the Lego Batman sets in the near future because they are freaking awesome!


The Punisher (Xbox)

The Punisher is an underrated action game based on The Punisher comics and the 2004 Punisher movie (very loosely based). The game is very violent (mostly because of the executions) and the story is pretty cool. It has a lot of resemblance with how we saw the Punisher in Daredevil; gritty and no-nonsense.


What’s your favorite superhero game of all time? Mine’s probably Arkham City but I also really enjoyed Spider-Man 2 and Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 50!

My pick-ups have slowed down the last couple of weeks because I’m saving money for all the upcoming game releases. But I still managed to buy two things this week. Let’s see what I got!

Justice League: Gotham City Breakout (DVD)

I normally don’t buy DVD’s anymore because blu-ray’s are better quality and they don’t cost that much more. But for this movie I made an exception because I really wanted that Nightwing LEGO figurine.

Justice League Gotham City Break Out

Resident Evil Revelations (PC)

Resident Evil games have changed a lot over the years. They started out as survival horror games and transitioned to a more ‘horror shooter’ game in recent years. That change didn’t always work (Resident Evil 6 for example is rubbish) but I really like Revelations. I owned it for the WiiU and when I saw it on sale on Steam I didn’t really hesitate to buy it.

Resident Evil Revelations

What’s your favourite Resident Evil game? Let me know in the comments!

Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 47!

Last week I got a fairly big haul but that’s nothing compared to this week! I’ve got a new game, some movies, a graphic novel and more! 

The Great Escape and I know what you did last summer (blu-ray)

I had a MediaMarkt gift card laying around and I decided to use some of it on these 2 movies. I already owned the The Great Escape on DVD but the quality wasn’t that great so I upgraded to the blu-ray version. I know what you did last summer is a movie that I had on my ‘wanted’ list for some time and now I finally found it for a decent price. The movie is not really that good (5.6 on IMDB says it all really) but I collect horror movies so it needed to be in my collection.

The Killing Joke Deluxe Edition

One of the greatest graphic novels of all time and a must have for every Batman fan! I’ve read it before but with the release of the animated movie I decided to buy the deluxe edition.


Lego Mighty Micros: The Flash and Captain Cold + Catwoman and Batman 

I couldn’t resist completing the DC set of these Lego Mighty Micros . Last week I bought the Robin/Bane one and this week I added the Catwoman/Batman and The Flash/Captain Cold. These sets are great value for money and are a nice addition to my DC collection.

South Park: The Stick of Truth (PS3)

I went to pre-order the new South Park game (the collectors edition in fact) and I realized that I never even played the first one (I did see a ton of videos of people playing it though). I bought it for €14.99 which isn’t too bad and I’m going to complete it before the new one comes out (Fractured but Whole arrives in December so I have a lot of time to complete this one).

What’s your favorite graphic novel? Let me know in the comments!

Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 46!

The temperatures have been off the chart this week so I didn’t spend too much time inside playing games/watching movies. The hot weather however didn’t stop me from buying a lot of stuff. Let’s see what I got this week!

Straight Outta Compton (blu-ray)

I saw this movie in the theater and I absolutely loved it! I’m a big fan of old rap music (I also appreciate some of the newer stuff) so this movie needed to be in my collection.


Lego Jurassic World and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix (PS3)

Lego games are always fun, especially when you can buy them for €9.99. Kingdom Hearts was a game that I always wanted to play but I never got around to actually playing it. I found it in a toy store for €19.99 which isn’t a bad price (a used one was sold recently on the Belgium eBay site for €24.99).

DC Comics Super Heroes: Robin vs Bane

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I’m a big fan of Lego superheroes. These Mighty Micros sets are great value for money: for around €10 you get 2 figurines and 2 vehicles.



What’s your favorite PS3 game of all time? Let me know in the comments!

Weekly pick-ups: Week 26

My first pick up blog post of 2016! The holidays are behind us so what better time to do a quick recap of all the presents that I got? Let’s dive into it!

Darth Maul Radio alarm clock

Pretty cool looking alarm clock. The radio receiver isn’t the best but it does the job. It also has some ‘interesting’ lighting effects when the alarm goes off to make sure that you actually wake up and believe me; you’ll wake up.

C-3PO Lego Led Lite

I’m a HUGE LEGO fan and my mom knows that so she bought me another Lego Star Wars light. I already got the big Boba Fett one (you can see it in a previous blog post) and this is a nice addition to my Lego Star Wars collection.


NBA 2K16 (PS4)

The choice between NBA Live 16 and NBA 2K16 isn’t really a choice; there’s so much wrong with Live that it really isn’t a competitor. I didn’t buy this game on its release but I’m happy that I got it for Christmas. I’m not a huge fan of what they’ve done to my player but the game is pretty solid and fun to play.

22 Jump Street, Now You See Me, Goodfellas and Guardians of the Galaxy (Blu ray)

My brother got me a couple of movies that were on my wish list. I already owned Goodfellas on DVD but that copy had some serious quality issues so he upgraded me to the blu ray version!


What did you guys get? Let me know in the comments!

Weekly pick-ups: Week 25

Last week I didn’t upload a weekly purchases post because I didn’t buy a single thing. This week things are a little different. I’ve got a book and some LEGO. But which book?

Terrible Old Games You Probably Never Heard Of by Stuart Ashen

Stuart Ashen is a Youtuber who uploads all kinds of videos. He reviews tech products (mostly horrible knock offs like the Pop Station etc), weird food stuff and he is famous for his various Poundland video’s. But he’s also done some gaming stuff and one of his series was called Terrible Old Games You Probably Never Heard Of. He reviewed some old games but not like AVGN; most of the games that AVGN reviewed are pretty popular and well known; Ashen usually reviewed some really weird and obscure stuff. Now he has written a book about old these terrible old games. And to support him, I bought it on Amazon . The book itself is really well made and it’s fun to read. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to learn about horrible games from the past.


LEGO Star Wars AT-DP and  A-Wing Starfighter 

These were the last 2 pieces of LEGO Star Wars that were bundled with the newspaper. I’m going to build all of them when I get some free time and then display them together with my Boba Fett LEGO light.

Did you ever buy something from a Youtuber? And if so, what was it? Let me know in the comments!