Suicide Squad (2016) Review!

Wonder Woman is having some great success at the box office and both fans and critics seem to love the movie. But let’s take a little trip into the past to Suicide Squad; a movie that looked really fun in the trailers but the end product just couldn’t deliver.

The idea behind Suicide Squad is nice but they just didn’t work it out properly. The Suicide Squad is mostly used to go on ‘black ops’ missions so when things go wrong there isn’t a connection with the US. In Suicide Squad they fight against Enchantress; a typical villain that could be perfectly combated with Batman, the Flash or any other member of the Justice League. It just doesn’t make sense why they would use the Suicide Squad for something like this. Besides that, Enchantress was another ‘meh’ villain; how many times are we going to see a baddie use something in the sky to destroy the world? It is getting pretty old.

Then there’s the problem of just having too many characters. It worked in The Avengers because they all (well for the most part) had solo movies which set up their character. In Suicide Squad we see a short introduction to the character and that’s where it ends for most of them. Some (like Harley Quinn and Deadshot) get a little more back-story but just not enough for you to actually care about any of them. They also put the Joker into this and I can’t figure out why; OK, he’s an essential part of Harley’s origin but they could have stopped at that. Now we get a bunch of scenes that are just unnecessary because they don’t really do anything to the plot. Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker was OK but it’s definitely not my favorite. Taking about acting; none of the performances really stand out. They are all OK but nothing special.

Conclusion:Combine all those things with lackluster action scenes and you have a movie that was destined to fail. It also didn’t help that they re shot a bunch of scenes to lighten to tone because it just doesn’t fit in the grand scheme of things. Suicide Squad could have been a decent film for the DCEU but it ended up being a failure.

Score: 5/10



Weekly pick-ups: Week 5 !

The Dark Knight continues to dominate my purchases. All of the items that I got this week are related to Batman. Let’s see what I got!

Killer Croc Pop Vinyl Figure (Arkham Asylum)

Found this on the Game Mania website (it’s pretty cool that they now sell collectibles) and I think it looks really cool. And I didn’t even pay for it because I used a €15 coupon that I got from when my brother got his PS4. Everybody is a winner here!


Batman Arkham Knight Issue 3-6

I really liked the first 2 issues so it was a no-brainer for me to get the rest of the available issues.  Issue 7 and 8 will be released later this year (7 in August and 8 in September) and I’m planning on getting them as well.

Batman and Joker Injustice figures

I’m going to be honest here: I was pretty disappointed when these arrived in the mail. The quality of the figures is pretty poor and they are a lot smaller than I expected them to be. This combined with a price high price (€25) makes this a bad purchase. I should’ve done a bit more research before buying this but it was an impulse buy. I am going to keep them because I’m a huge Injustice fan and they fit nicely with the rest of my Batman related collectibles. But I’ve learned my lesson now.




Did you ever regret a purchase ? Let me know in the comments!