TheCollectorsCave Mini Montage Part 3!

Had some clips sitting on my hard drive and I decided to throw them together. Most of the games are on PS4 with the exception of NBA 2K17; that’s on PC! I hope you guys enjoy this short video; next week I’ll be back with a BIG weekly pick ups !


Lawbreakers Beta: Blitzball Gameplay ! (PC)

Lawbreakers is a new arena shooter from Cliff Bleszinski; the man who gave us Gears of War and Unreal Tournament. I’ve been playing the beta for a couple of days now and I LOVE it. The gameplay is fast and there’s enough variation between the characters to provide everyone with a class that they like. My favorite gamemode so far is blitzball; two teams try to put the ball into the opponents goal. It’s a ton of fun and it really shows how awesome this game is. The beta is currently open on PC so go check it out!

FIFA16: Ultimate Team Goal Montage #1 !

I’ve played a ton of FIFA16 Ultimate Team so far so you would expect that I’ve scored some pretty nice goals. I recorded some of the goals and put them together in a little montage. Some of the goals are long distance bangers, some of them are in the style of Barcelona; fast ball movement leading to an easy goal. What’s the best goal you’ve scored so far in FIFA 16? Link the video in the comments below !