TheCollectorsCave Mini Montage Part 3!

Had some clips sitting on my hard drive and I decided to throw them together. Most of the games are on PS4 with the exception of NBA 2K17; that’s on PC! I hope you guys enjoy this short video; next week I’ll be back with a BIG weekly pick ups !


Never Forget You – FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Montage

The FIFA 17 life cycle is coming to an end so I decided to make a final Ultimate Team montage. I tried to include as many different type of goals as I could so that it wouldn’t become boring. I hope you guys enjoy it!


Hello! This week (like last week) there won’t be a ‘Weekly Pick-Ups’ blog post but it will be back next week! To keep you guys entertained I decided to make another FIFA17 Goal montage. It’s the game I play the most (besides Counter-Strike GO) so I had a lot of clips sitting on my hard drive. I tried to show a little bit of everything; long shots,free kicks, skill goals, chips, … . I hope you guys enjoy the video! Enjoy your weekend!

Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 56!

The last couple of weeks were pretty crazy in regard of pick ups: new consoles left and right were added to my collection. This week is totally different because I only bought 1 item. Let’s see what that mysterious item is!

FIFA17 (PS4)

FIFA is probably the only game that I buy on the release day. I like the game so far; passing seems even more important than in FIFA16, the Journey is a lot of fun but, like always, there are also some issues. The kit selection screen doesn’t really work in Ultimate Team; it doesn’t always show your active kit which causes some problems. And the menu’s in general don’t feel smooth but that can (and probably will) be patched soon.


What’s your favorite football game of all time? Let me know in the comments!