Weekly pick-ups: Week 130!

Another pretty solid week for me; got some new action figures, added some games to both my PS2 and Xbox collection and so much more! Let’s jump right into it!

Black Panther and Captain America action figure

My mom found these for €2 each; pretty awesome! I didn’t have a Black Panther or Captain America figurine so they fit in nicely with the rest of my Marvel collection.

Maximo vs the Army of Zin Strategy Guide 

My love for the Maximo games has been on full display the last couple of weeks and this week I got the official guide for the second game. I bought this guide from the same guy who sold me the guide for the first game and it’s in the same, excellent, condition! It took a couple of weeks to arrived and I even thought that it wouldn’t arrive at all (the tracking code didn’t update for weeks) but in the end it was all good!

Need for Speed Underground 2 and GTA 3 (PS2)

Another find by my mom this time in a goodwill store! Games were €1.5 each and they are both complete! Well except that GTA III has the GTA Vice City disc but that isn’t that big of a deal. Just nice to have a copy that has the poster because that was missing from my Xbox version.

Call of Duty Black Ops IIII (PS4)

H1Z1 has made me love battle royale games so I just had to grab this one to play the Blackout game mode. So far it’s a ton of fun but I haven’t gotten a win yet!

Batman Dark Tomorrow and Medal of Honor European Assault (Xbox)

Got these on Gameforce for €6 and €4 respectively. I didn’t know anything about the Batman game and that’s why I picked it up; I looked up some reviews and apparently it’s pretty bad but I’ll give it a god. Medal of Honor European Assault had been on my wish list for a while so I’m happy that I can finally cross it off!

Payday 2 Dallas Mask

A friend and I had been talking about getting a mask like this for a while but we never found one that we liked (price and quality wise). So when we saw these on Gameforce we just had to buy them! I picked the Dallas mask because it’s my favorite design.

What’s a game that’s on your wish list that you really want? Let me know in the comments!


Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: Amazing! Trophy/Achievement guide!

For this trophy you need to complete a 60 hit combo. That might sound difficult but this video will show you an easy way to get it!

This is what you need to do:

  • Go to arcade mode and lower the difficulty to very easy
  • Then select Captain America and Iron Man
  • Proceed and fight until you have 2 bars of power
  • Active the first bar (the easy hyper combo), then press R1 to call in your second character (active switch) and activate their easy hyper combo.
  • The achievement/trophy will unlock after the match is finished!

Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 72!

This week we get a visit from Captain America himself and we go on a trip inside a Lego World!

Captain America: Super Soldier (PS3)

A game that I wanted in my collection for a long time but I never found a copy for a decent price; until now. The game isn’t too special but it’s a pretty fun action game with Captain America that is based on the first Captain America movie.

Lego Worlds (PC)

Lego Worlds is a Minecraft style game but with Lego which is kind of funny considering that Minecraft itself was basically based on Lego (do/build whatever you want). I’ve played the game for about 2 hours and I’m not a huge fan. The game feels unfinished/unpolished; building stuff feels clunky, the controls aren’t great (playing with a controller helps) and most of the quests are very straight forward and easy. I’ll continue playing it hoping that it’ll receive some updates but for now I’m not a big fan.

What’s your favorite Marvel videogame? Let me know in the comments!