A Shooter Montage

I really love online shooters; it’s the only thing I play these days (until Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out). I decided to combine a bunch of my best plays in a little video and here it is!


Distress Signal: A Call of Duty WW2 Montage??! (PS4)

We all make a ton of decisions every single day: what do we eat, what do we wear, etc… I was also faced with a decision this week. I could make a montage of some Call of Duty 4 remastered or continue my WW2 montage streak (with United Front DLC maps). What did I chose? See for yourself!



Call of Duty WW2: 30 + Killstreak on Market Garden! (PS4)

I know that Call of Duty WWII isn’t the most popular COD game in the community but I personally love it. They add a lot of nice (free) content and I really liked all of the paid DLC they added since the release. I still play the game daily, mostly with a friend and we always go for the objective based game modes. We were playing a hardpoint game on Market Garden and I got lucky with my care packages and that led to a 30 + killstreak! Oh yeah and we won the game pretty easily.

Arthur and the Knights of Justice: Call of duty WW2 Edition!

One of my favorite cartoons from my childhood is Arthur and the Knights of Justice. The premise was just really cool; a football team goes back to the Middle Ages to fight for Camelot. They use some semi modern weaponry and the show is a joy to watch. So when I was watching a couple of the episodes I had the idea of combining that show with Call of Duty WW2. And here’s the result!