Justice League Trailer #1 !

First thoughts: THIS LOOKS AMAZING (but so do most of the DC trailers so I’m going to slow down my own hype train). The action looks to be very solid and there’s some humor in it to lighten up the mood. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!


Batman vs. Robin (2015) review!

Batman vs. Robin is a direct sequel to Son of Batman. Bruce Wayne and his son, Damien, try to find a way to put their differences aside and work together as Batman and Robin. But that turns out to be harder than Bruce had anticipated because of Damien’s hard upbringing in the League of Assassins. When a new force threatens Gotham, Damien needs to make a tough choice: Batman and his father or doing what he was taught when he was with the League.

Screen 1

The movie is pretty action packed and the action sequences are great and bloody. But the story is also interesting to follow but too bad that the ending itself is pretty predictable. The relationships between the different characters (both good and bad guys) are intriguing and give the movie some depth. If you are fan of Nightwing then you’re in for a treat: he has much more screen time in this film than in Son of Batman.

Screen 2


Conclusion: Batman vs. Robin is an entertaining movie and a must watch for every Batman fan. If you haven’t seen Son of Batman yet then I recommend you watch that one first because it gives Damien a little more back-story.


Score: 8/10