Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 79!

You have failed this city! A lot of the times (especially in season 1) these words were followed by a deadly arrow. No risk of dying from my purchase this week but it is Green Arrow related!

Q-Fig Green Arrow!

The Green Arrow uses a lot of trick arrows but one of the most iconic ones is the boxing glove arrow so you can why I picked this up. It wasn’t that expensive (around €20) and it has quiet a lot of detail. Great addition to my DC collection!

Who’s your favorite character in ‘Arrow’ that isn’t the Green Arrow? Let me know in the comments!


Weekly pick-ups: Week 33 !

You have failed this city! The Green Arrow makes an apparence in this week’s edition of ‘Weekly pick ups’. And the Batmobile also stops by.

Arrow Pop Vinyl figure

I’m a big fan of ‘Arrow’ so I didn’t hesitate when I saw this Pop Vinyl figure on sale. It fits in nice with my Deathstroke figure.


Batman v Superman Batmobile DLC Rocket League (PS4)

Rocket League is one of the best games of 2015. It’s fun to play and I happily invest a few euro’s for a Batmobile.



What’s your favorite superhero tv show? Let me know in the comments!

Weekly pick-ups: Week 21

November is a huge month for game releases. Black Ops 3, Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront; they are all being released this month. I didn’t get my hands on any of the new releases (yet) but I did buy some other stuff. Are you curious to see what it is?

Arrow Season 2 (blu-ray)

Probably the best season of Arrow (season 4 has been fantastic so far; it has the potential to become the greatest season of Arrow). Deathstroke is a great villain and the addition of new characters like the White Canary make this season really enjoyable.

Arrow Season 2 and Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight (PS4)

8-bit indie games are really popular because they gave the older gamers a feeling of nostalgia. That’s why some of these 8-bit indie games are really bad; they focus a lot on hitting your ‘nostalgic feelings’ and not so much on the gameplay. Shovel Knight isn’t such a game. The game is super fun, gives you a great challenge and has a pretty cool soundtrack.

What’s your favorite 8-bit indie game? Let me know in the comments!

Weekly pick-ups: Week 9!

Last week I didn’t buy anything but this week I did pick up some stuff! Let’s see what I got!

Batman Beyond Issue #2 and Issue #3

I enjoyed the first issue so I decided to pick up the next available issues. I haven’t read them but I’m planning to do that today!


Deathstroke Pop Vinyl figure

I loved season 2 of Arrow and that was mainly because of Deathstroke. He’s an amazing villain so I didn’t hesitate when I saw this Pop Vinyl figure.


Did you guys pick up anything awesome this week ? Let me know in the comments!