My best bronze packs in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team !

Opening packs in FIFA Ultimate Team is extremely addicting; you never know when you might pack Ronaldo or Messi. That rarely happens tough so most of the time you’re just disappointed. But I’m never really disappointed when I open bronze packs because my expectations are extremely low. So when I do pack something special, I’m always really happy. In this video I’m going to show you guys some of my best bronze packs in this FIFA ! 


Hello! This week (like last week) there won’t be a ‘Weekly Pick-Ups’ blog post but it will be back next week! To keep you guys entertained I decided to make another FIFA17 Goal montage. It’s the game I play the most (besides Counter-Strike GO) so I had a lot of clips sitting on my hard drive. I tried to show a little bit of everything; long shots,free kicks, skill goals, chips, … . I hope you guys enjoy the video! Enjoy your weekend!

187 FUT Draft on FIFA 17 (PS4) !

I got a few draft tokens from opening packs and doing squad building challenges so I went out and built a FUT draft team. I didn’t pay attention to the rating at first (I just picked La Liga players when they were available) but about midway through building my team I realized that I might be getting a pretty high draft. The first try gave me a 186 but then I shuffled some players around (which I forgot to record in my first attempt) and I managed to get a 187! Pretty nice if I may say so myself. What’s the highest draft you guys made in FIFA 17 ? Let me know in the comments!


My second FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Montage and I went the old skool (throwback Thursday) route with this one. The intro has the audio of FIFA 06 and the song in the montage itself is a 90’s classic! This montage has a bit of everything; great tekkers, stunning goals and some keeper heroics! I hope you guys enjoy the video!

The Collectors Cave Failtage!

Murphy’s law states that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And Murphy’s Law was in full effect in these clips. Some of them are pretty big fails others are just funny. I hope you guys enjoy this short little video. I’m still trying to figure out a good way to do unboxing videos and as soon as I figured that out, I’ll feature more of those on my Youtube channel!

Scoring 100 000 + points on Galaga !

Galaga is an arcade classic that has been released on a number of home consoles. I bought the PS4 version a while ago (Arcade Game Series on the PSN store) and I really enjoy playing it. I’m not really good at it (the top leader boards are ridiculous) but that didn’t stop me from trying to set a decent high score.