My FIFA 17 Weekend League Experiment!

The Weekend League is the hottest thing right now in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team (well besides ridiculous squad building challenges). Every weekend players play 40 games and try to win as many of them as possible to get the best rewards. Normally people use their absolute best teams (cough Premier League cough) to compete in the Weekend League but  I decided I wanted to do something else. So I built 4 squads and played 10 games with each squad to see how many wins I could get. The first 3 teams had the exact same bench: 4 bronzes and 3 substitutes; Inform Shaqiri, MVP David Villa and Morgan Schneiderlin. I picked these players because they are versatile; Shaqiri can play both wings and fill in the CAM spot, Villa is a great striker and CAM and Schneiderlin can play both CDM and CB. The last team that I used didn’t have this bench but it had something similar; 4 bronzes and then Shane Long, Andy King and Phil Jones as substitutes.

Team 1

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This is arguably the best team that I’ve played with this weekend. The defense is solid, the attack combines skill and pace; this is a team that ‘normal’ people might use in the weekend league. I won 6 games with this team which isn’t bad but it’s definitely not as good as i expected it to be. I had a hard time scoring goals in some games which lead to losses. I finished with 6 wins with this team; not bad but definitely not great.


Team 2

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This was a Dutch/Eredivisie/Premier League hybrid and again I struggled with scoring. I did notice that I had an easier time when I switched Memphis to the CAM spot, Kuyt to a CM spot and put Shaqiri on the LW position. I did find a player that I absolutely LOVE; Tony Vilhena. He’s a great all round midfielder. This team wasn’t as good as the first one but still I got the exact same amount of wins; 6.


Team 3

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A full Belgian team! This team was super fun to play with but I didn’t get a lot of wins and that was because of my goalkeeper. Proto had games where he didn’t save a shot which makes it really hard to win. It’s not fun to know that you have to score 4-5 goals in order to win a game. I ended up with a measly 3 wins; a total failure.


Team 4

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I built myself a Watford team. On paper the worst squad that I used but my word was it fun to play with. Okaka is a tank up front; he was my favorite striker in FIFA 16 (scored more than 120 goals with him) and he’s still very nice to play with on this game. I also switched the formation but that had more to do with the fact that Watford doesn’t have many great wingers. I only played 7 games but I won 5. My best result in the Weekend League.


So I ended with 20 wins in 37 games; that’s a win percentage of 54%. I didn’t play the last 3 games because I prefer the rewards of gold 3 over the ones you get when you finish in gold 2.

So does your team matter in the Weekend League? Yes, to an extent. If you have a glaring weakness (like Proto in team 3)you’re going to lose a lot of games because most people have amazing strikers in the weekend league and they’ll exploit your weakness. But for the most part it’s still more important how you play than the players you use. I won the most games with a Watford team because everything just clicked with that team. My advice; use as many players as you can and figure out which work for you and which don’t. And use that information to built a team for the Weekend League.


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