Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 60!

I’m BACK! It has been a while since I posted a ‘Weekly pick ups’ blog but that is going to change NOW! I bought two PC games for my collection.

Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition (PC)

The only Batman Arkham game that I hadn’t played yet. It’s a port from the PSVita/3DS and that’s noticeable; the graphics aren’t as nice and the game is slimmed down a lot. But it’s still a fun game and I can’t really complain for €4.99.


Rainbow Six Siege (PC)

I played this game in its beta fase and I really liked it but I didn’t have any friends who wanted to play it so I didn’t pick it up. A couple of days ago a friend and I were bored and we found Rainbow Six Siege on sale and decided to give it a go. So far it has been really fun (even though I’m rubbish); the game is intense, the gun play feels tight and there’s a lot of stuff to unlock. If things keep on going this way I might even buy some of the DLC.

What’s your favorite tactical shooter of all time? (mine’s SWAT 4) Let me know in the comments!


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