First Look at Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announced their new console; the Nintendo Switch! It looks interesting and cool but I’m still very skeptical. The usability of the portable controller/screen depends highly on the battery life and if the thing is powerful then I fear that the battery life won’t be all that great. That’s another issue; power. How does the Nintendo Switch compare to this generation of consoles (The PS4/Xbox One) and how will it perform against the PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio? It seems that this time around they actually got some good third party support but how long will that last if the console isn’t powerful enough to compete against the other consoles? I really hope that this project is a smashing success but for now I’m still skeptical.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!

One thought on “First Look at Nintendo Switch

  1. I don’t get excited any more when I see a Nintendo announcement. They lean too much on the past and don’t focus enough on the now. The WiiU was a major flop because of the lack of power and the lack of any good games and I feel like this will probably go the same route. Yes, 3rd parties will support it at launch but when nobody buys their games because they are better on other consoles then they’ll stop and then were stuck with Nintendo games again, with the same library of games with 1-2 original IP’s added to the list. I’m not going to buy the same ‘classic’ Nintendo games over and over again just to play them on another platform. Make the Nintendo Switch an actual competitor to the PS4 and Xbox One and people MIGHT buy it but who knows; people might just wait to see what Sony and MS are doing next and then this will flop hard.


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