Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 53!

I love collector’s editions but the big problem is that I don’t always have the money to buy all of the collector’s editions that I want. Thank God that some of them aren’t popular (mostly because the game is rubbish) and that they get put in the budget bin.

Homefront: The Revolution – Goliath Edition (PS4)

The game itself is pretty mediocre but I liked this collector’s edition for one reason; the RC Goliath that came with it. The original retail price was €129 but I only paid a fraction of that. The Goliath edition also comes with the obligatory art book, a steelcase and some DLC. I don’t really care about the other things because the RC is a lot of fun to screw around with. The built quality isn’t top notch (the remote feels like it could break any second) but for the price that I paid for it I can’t complain.


Xbox One Controller

I needed a controller to game on PC and I decided to go with the wired Xbox One controller. I could have waited for the S controller to come back in stock but this one does the job just fine.

What’s your favorite controller of all time? Let me know in the comments!

Bonus: Here’s a short video of me messing around with the Goliath RC. I crashed it so hard that the battery came loose; that’s why it stops working at the end of the video (it still works).

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