Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 52!

Last week I talked about one of the best things about PC gaming; the crazy deals that you can find online. I still think that that is a major plus for PC gaming I also think that it’s not always that great. Because of the low price you’ll buy a lot of games in a very short period but it’s very difficult to (properly) play them all. That’s why I’ve made a rule for myself; whenever I buy a game I need to play it for at least 2hours in the days following the purchase. 

How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition (PC)

How to Survive is a game that has been sitting on my ‘wanted’ list for some time and when I saw it for this price I decided to pick it up. The Storm Warning Edition comes with a bunch of extra DLC which is a nice bonus.

How to survive Storm Warning Edition

How many games are there in your games library that you’ve never played? Let me know in the comments!


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