Weekly Pick-Ups: Week 50!

My pick-ups have slowed down the last couple of weeks because I’m saving money for all the upcoming game releases. But I still managed to buy two things this week. Let’s see what I got!

Justice League: Gotham City Breakout (DVD)

I normally don’t buy DVD’s anymore because blu-ray’s are better quality and they don’t cost that much more. But for this movie I made an exception because I really wanted that Nightwing LEGO figurine.

Justice League Gotham City Break Out

Resident Evil Revelations (PC)

Resident Evil games have changed a lot over the years. They started out as survival horror games and transitioned to a more ‘horror shooter’ game in recent years. That change didn’t always work (Resident Evil 6 for example is rubbish) but I really like Revelations. I owned it for the WiiU and when I saw it on sale on Steam I didn’t really hesitate to buy it.

Resident Evil Revelations

What’s your favourite Resident Evil game? Let me know in the comments!

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