Weekly pick-ups: Week 39!

The weather has been awful the last couple of the days so that’s basically the perfect excuse to stay inside and play videogames. I bought two new games for the PS4 but which did I buy? Let’s find out!

Alehkine’s Gun (PS4)

A game that I was really excited for but my excitement got stumped by the subpar gameplay. If you want to read my full review on this game, you can do that here: http://wp.me/p6lqKe-74

Alehkines Gun

Dead Island Definitive Edition (PS4)

I pre-ordered this awhile back because I really enjoyed the Dead Island games on the previous console generation. This edition includes all the DLC for both Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide + the minigame Dead Island Retro Revenge. The game looks better than on the previous generations and whilst the gameplay is still fun and solid, it lacks that certain extra that you get with Dying Light. But all and all; a pretty good deal for €40. And I got that steelcase for free because I pre-ordered the game which is a nice little bonus.

Dead Island Definitive Edition

What’s a game that got you all excited but turned out to be bad? Let me know in the comments!


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