Battlefield 1 gets an exclusive collectors edition!

The release trailer of Battlefield 1 is the most liked trailer of all time and that is a good indication of how excited people are for this game. And like every major game release these days, Battlefield 1 will have a collectors edition. Let’s see what’s inside!

This edition will include:

  • Cloth Propaganda Poster
  • Messenger Pigeon Tube With “DLC” Code Inside
  • Steel Case For Game
  • 14″ Statue Of Cover Character
  • Deck of BF1 Playing Cards


The price for all of this will be around 220 US dollars which I feel is a bit much. The figurine looks good but I don’t feel like it totally justifies the price. The rest of the items are pretty OK (if they are high quality) but I still feel like this is priced just too high. A price around 150 US dollars would have been much better in my opinion. I’m not going to buy this one at its release but when I find one for a decent price (new or used) I might consider buying it.

What do you guys think about this collectors edition? Let me know in the comments!


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