Escape Dead Island Review ! (PS3)

What would you do when you hear about a zombie outbreak? I would run as far away from the outbreak as possible. But apparently I’m boring because what you really do is go towards the outbreak to impress your dad. Well, according to Escape Dead Island that is.

In Escape Dead Island you follow Cliff Calo and his two friends, Linda and Devan. Together you try to find out what caused the zombie outbreak and you basically do this so that Cliff can impress his dad. His dad is the boss of some big broadcasting company and he thinks that his son is a loser. And to prove his dad wrong, Cliff risks the life of his friends to figure out what happened in Banoi. A son that would make any dad proud … Cliff isn’t only an idiot (the way he dresses and talks say enough) but he also suffers from hallucinations. Are they caused by heavy drug use/alcohol abuse or do they have anything to do with the main story? Who knows, I didn’t really care.


The graphics are probably the first thing that you’ll notice when you play this game. It has a shell shaded look which looks OK at first but after a while you start noticing a lot of ugly textures and pop ups (If you sprint you can sometimes see grass grow). I like that they tried to go a different direction from the more realistic look of Dead Island but this doesn’t look great. Narapela (the island where the threesome strand) is free to explore but I don’t know why you would to that. You’ll visit the same locations over and over again even without searching for the trillion of collectibles that this game has to offer. The collectibles range from postcards to taking pictures of things. Yes, really. I think that they wanted to go for the whole Dead Rising thing (where you can take pictures of zombies to earn experience) but it just doesn’t work in this game. In Dead Rising you would get experience, here you just get a trophy when you take 86 pictures. If the game was good then this would be a nice extra but now it’s just a waste of time.

Dead Island was a flawed game but the weapon building was really cool. Well, Escape Dead Island doesn’t have that. You get a selection of weapons which are divided into 3 categories: stealth, melee and ranged. But it doesn’t really matter because no matter what weapon you use the game plays horrible. Whenever you hit a zombie the game stutters a bit which is very annoying (when you execute a zombie the game goes into this weird slow motion mode which makes me sick). You’ve got two basic attacks: a normal one and a more powerful one that takes a bit longer to charge. No idea why anyone would use that more powerful attack though: just mash the buttons for the normal attack and you’ll be just fine. The stealth kills are stupid: zombies are sometimes so slow to react that you can stealth kill someone buy just running towards them. There’s not a lot of enemy variation either. You’ll mostly face normal zombies and from time to time you’ll face a special one and I really feel like they added these just to annoy you (especially the butcher zombies).


Conclusion: Escape Dead Island had some interesting ideas but they all fall flat. The graphics don’t look great, the game play is flawed and the story is just stupid. To make matters worse the game sometimes freezes when you enter a new part of a building or the jungle .I picked this game up for €8 and I even feel like I wasted my money. Don’t buy this. Just wait for Dead Island Definitive Edition.

Score: 4/10



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