Guns, Gore and Cannoli Review (PS4) !

The Italian mafia is known for a lot of things; loyalty, the Tommy gun and killing zombies? Wait what? Well apparently the mafia also fought against zombies. Well that’s according to Guns, Gore and Cannoli!

Guns, Gore and Cannoli is a side scrolling arcade shooter set in the 1920’s. You play as Vinnie Cannoli, a hardened mobster and you’re looking for a missing goodfella. On your road to rescue him you’ll fight of hordes of zombies, army men and even a rival family. You can tackle this task by yourself or you can be joined by up to 3 of your friends.

The gameplay is pretty simple; you go from left to right (sometimes you go up or down) and shoot everything and everyone that crosses your path. You can also kick opponents (of a ledge or just to get them away from you) and you also have grenades and Molotov cocktails to kill enemies from a distance. The controls feel a bit weird at first (reloading with R1 and switching between weapons with the square and triangle button) but you’ll get used to it pretty quick.

Guns, Gore and Cannoli_20160303225319

You get to use a variety of weapons to fight of the undead and the not so dead. Your arsenal goes from a simple pistol to a full blown rocket launcher and flamethrower. The environment itself can also serve as a weapon; cars and barrels can explode which can kill enemies pretty easily. Another useful tactic is kicking your enemies of a ledge into a fire which kills them instantly.

The enemies in Guns, Gore and Cannoli are mostly zombies but you’ll also face other gang members and even some military personal. There are all different kind of zombies; police men who still shoot their gun, running zombies and even a football zombie that tries to tackle you. But the most annoying of them all are the leprechaun zombies; they hang on a balloon and they throw gas canisters at you that poison you; I hate those little bastards!

Guns, Gore and Cannoli_20160303225448

Guns, Gore and Cannoli looks amazing. The hand drawn 2D graphics are beautiful and really help strengthen the whole ‘1920’s’ vibe. Another thing that really helps create that 20’s vibe is the typical mobster music in the background; it makes the game fun to play even when it gets harder. Guns, Gore and Cannoli also features some witty one liners and even a Donkey Kong reference. These little things really show how much fun Crazy Monkey Studios had while making this game.

Conclusion: Guns, Gore and Cannoli is a solid arcade shooter. The graphics look beautiful and the game play stays fresh for the duration of the campaign. The game is rather short (about 3 hours on normal difficulty) but because of its budget price tag that isn’t too big of a deal.

Score 8.5/10

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