Battalion 1944: The World War 2 shooter that we all have been waiting for ?

Gamers all over the world have expressed their desire for a new World War 2 shooter. A studio called ‘Bulkhead Interactive’ heard that call and they started a Kickstarter campaign for their new World War 2 game, Battalion 1944. 

They asked for £100 000 and they reached that goal within days. They are now sitting around £194 000 with 22 days remaining. I can definitely see why people backed this project. The footage that they have released looks pretty good (Unreal 4 engine) and it seems like a throwback to the old World War 2 shooters like Call of Duty (1 and 2) and Medal of Honor.


Bulkhead Interactive also seemed very keen of keeping this game as realistic as possible. They went to Normandy to take pictures of the environment to replicate that in their game and they also spend a lot of time with the era specific weapons to make them sound as realistic as possible.

Another interesting point that they make is that their game will be based more around skill than others. We have all been there; you find a online shooter that you enjoy but you don’t have a lot of time to play it. And then when you come around to play it again all your opponents have the best weapons and you’re still stuck with the shitty starter weapons. Battalion 1944 won’t do that (according to the developers); all guns will be available at the start and the player needs to learn how to be efficient with them to win in the game.

Overall I’m pretty excited for this game. I’ve been wanting to play a new World War 2 shooter for a while now and Battalion 1944 shows a lot of promise. It’s also nice of them to include the community on the choices they make (they stream their meetings on Twitch). The game will probably be released somewhere in 2017 so Bulkhead Interactive have a lot of time to fine tune everything to give us the best game possible. 


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