Batman Bad Blood (2016) Review !

When Batman disappears it’s up to Nightwing to take up the role of the Dark Knight. Meanwhile he, Batwoman and Robin try to find out what happened to the ‘real’ Batman.

The story is quite original and there are a few unexpected things that happen along the way to keep it entertaining/interesting. It’s also nice that we get to see a more ‘unstable’ version of Batman instead of the cool and calm Dark Knight that we are used to seeing. The action is solid and will definitely keep you entertained for the duration of the film.

The only thing that bothers me a bit is how casually the heroes act when a villain dies. They joke about it (even Alfred!) and that really doesn’t fit Batman’s ‘we don’t kill anyone’ narrative.

Conclusion: Batman Bad Blood is a very solid DC animated film. The story is interesting and the action is nice to watch. And it was also very cool to see Batwing and The Mad Hatter in an animated film.

Score: 8/10


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