Zombie Army Trilogy: 2 quick trophy guides!

It’s fun to hunt for trophies and the first video shows you a quick and easy way to unlock two trophies in Zombie Army Trilogy. The trophies in question (Somebody’s got to survive and my family’s always been in meat) require you to get a 10 and 15 kills with an explosion. This is easily done in the first mission in the game. Just wait until you reach the part where the skeleton zombies show up, drop some dynamite and then watch them explode!

In the second video I get the trophy that requires you to hit 10 consecutive headshots. In the second mission (Cathedral of Resurrection) you come across a bunch of zombies that are stuck behind a fence. Just line up your shot and take them down one by one. I fail a couple of times but I still manage to get the trophy!



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