Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead (2015) review!

Nazi Zombies have been really popular ever since they were featured in Call of Duty World at War. So it isn’t a huge surprise that other gaming franchises/movie makers took the idea of Nazi Zombies to make their own thing. Most of the movies about Nazi Zombies are rubbish and only a few are actually worth your time (both Dead Snow movies are pretty good). Guess in which category ‘Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead’ belongs? Little hint: Uwe Boll is the producer of this movie.

The story is as basic as it gets: a bunch of American soldiers need to fight of a horde of Nazi zombies (worst thing; they are not even Nazi’s. They are concentration camp prisoners that they turned into Zombies). That’s pretty much it; not really Oscar material. The dialogue in the movie has no consistency and is only enjoyable if you like hearing bad actors mumble some poorly written lines about the war. The special effects are horrible (not in a ‘OMG IT LOOKS SCARY’ way) and the ending of the movie is a total mess (probably because they want to release a third one).

Credit for this picture go to www.xtcz.net

Conclusion: This movie isn’t worth your time or your money. It’s poorly written and the actors have no idea what the word ‘acting’ actually means. Avoid this movie at all cost.

Score: 2/10


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