Weekly pick-ups: Week 23

Star Wars Battlefront has been released so you know that that will be featured in my weekly pick-ups. But I also bought some other interesting things. Let’s take a look!

Star Wars Battlefront Limited Edition (PS4)

Ever since the beta I just knew that I wanted to play this game on its release. It has some flaws (lacking of content) but it’s just really fun to play. The Limited Edition doesn’t have much extra (early access to a DLC) but it was the same price so I don’t really care.

Lego Star Wars Tie Fighter

You’re never too old to buy some Lego because Lego is freaking amazing. This set was bundled with a newspaper. Yes, the Star Wars hype is very real.


King Arthur and the Knights of Justice (DVD)

I watched this cartoon as a kid and then I forgot about it for 10 years. I then had a dream where I remembered vague parts of the show and I wanted to find out if the show was real or that my imagination was just running wild. Turns out that the show was real and that’s why I bought this DVD. It’s a real shame that the entire season 1 boxset only came out in the US; this DVD only has the first 5 episodes.

Batman:Assault on Arkham (blu-ray)

If you haven’t seen this one; DO IT NOW. It’s one of the best DC cartoons out there.


What’s your favorite 90’s cartoon ? Let me know In the comments!


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