Weekly pick-ups: Week 18

The days are getting colder so I’ll probably spend even more time behind my PC/TV playing games and watching movies. And that’s reflected in what I bought this week.

The Joker Figurine

I’ve bought this figurine on eBay but I’ve no idea from which series it is or from what set. I bought it because it looked cool and because it was cheap (€7 with shipping). The costume does remind me of Arkham Asylum so that might be where it is from.

Joker figurine and PS4 games

Dishonored Definitive edition, Wolfenstein The New Order and Wolfenstein The Old Blood (PS4)

These games were bundled for €60 which was a deal that I couldn’t pass up. I’ve already completed two of the games (Dishonored on PC and Wolfenstein the New Order on PS4) but I’ll happily play them again, especially Dishonored because my first play through was pretty chaotic.

Did you ever buy something weird? Let me know in the comments!

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