Zombeavers (2014) review !

When a truck runs over a deer a canister of chemicals ends up in the river. The canister makes its way to a beaver dam which turns the beavers into killing maniacs. A couple of friends that are staying the weekend at a lake side house need to fight of the beavers in order to survive.

The story is pretty absurd but it works because the movie doesn’t take itself very seriously. The acting is over the top ,the dialogue is super cheesy ,and the special effects are very bad but again, it fits what the movie tries to do. It’s the kind of movie you need to see with friends; just laugh at how bad and ridiculous everything is. I’m not going to spoil the ending but it’s pretty funny.


Conclusion: Zombeavers isn’t a great movie but it’s an entertaining one. Grab some beers, invite some friends and laugh at how ridiculous this movie is.

Score: 3/10 when sober, 6/10 when slightly intoxicated

Side note: the intro is probably the best part of the movie. 



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