Exists (2014) review!

October is Halloween month so it’s the ideal time to discover some new horror movies. I was browsing through the local ‘on demand’ movie catalog and I found a movie called ‘Exists’ and I decided to give it a watch.

A couple of friends want to spend the weekend in a remote hunting cabin. On the way there they hit something with their car but they have no idea what it was. As soon as they arrive at the cabin they are being stalked by what can only be described as a Bigfoot and they think it’s the same ‘thing’ that they hit with their car. From that point on they are on a quest for survival.


The story isn’t really original and neither are the characters. They are a bunch of horror movie cliches which makes it impossible to get emotionally attached to them. You don’t really care if a character dies and that’s not really a good thing for the tension. Exists is a ‘found footage film’ which in reality means that 70% of the action sequences are a blurry mess and therefore it is impossible to tell what’s going on. Exists does have some cool sequences but they are really scarce. The soundtrack is OK but it couldn’t lift the movie to a higher level.

Conclusion: The lack of character depth and the predictable story make this a movie that I’ll forget very quickly. There are a lot of ‘found footage films’ that are a lot better than Exists. I recommend you watch one of them.

Score: 4/10


One thought on “Exists (2014) review!

  1. Seen it not overly impress on the movie


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