Zombi Review ! (PS4)

Zombi is a re-release of ZombiU, a game previously exclusive for the WiiU. The game is released for a budget price (€19.99) but is it worth your hard earned money?

In Zombi you’re a random survivor in apocalyptic London. In order to survive you need to gather supplies and weapons to fight off the undead. You get help from “The Prepper”; another survivor who gives you tips and assists you with the hacking of certain doors.  The Prepper also gives you the prepper pad; a tablet like device which can scan the environment for zombies and useful items. The Pad is also used as radar to help you find your mission objective.

The game is a rogue like survival horror game meaning that when you’re character dies it’s gone forever. You can save your progress at certain points (to quit and then load it up again) but when you die that character turns into a zombie itself. You then respawn back at the safe point as another character. The cool thing about this is that if you find the zombie survivor and you manage to kill it then you can take your old supplies back.


Zombi is basically the same game as ZombiU but with some minor tweaks. All the features of the WiiU gamepad are now integrated in the PS4 controller and are displayed on the screen instead of on the gamepad. It’s less ‘cool’ than the WiiU gamepad but it does the job. Another change is in the torch (It’s London so it’s called a torch); you can now use a wider, further reaching-beam but that has its consequences. It drains the battery quicker and it increases the chance of attracting zombies. In ZombiU you only had 1 melee weapon (the cricket bat) but now you got two more; the shovel which has a further reach and can hit more than 1 zombie at the time and a nailed bat which does more damage and has a higher chance of dealing critical damage.  There are also firearms but the ammo for it is pretty scarce so you aren’t going to shoot your way throughout the game. You can find upgrades for your weapons (more firepower, faster shooting) to make the fight a bit more even. Lastly there are Molotov cocktails, grenades and flares. Flares don’t do damage but they lure zombies together so it’s easier for you to kill them.

The game mechanics feel clunky but in my opinion that’s a good thing. You’re a survivor, not a highly trained super soldier. Danger is always luring around the corner and that keeps you on your toes. You’re constantly using your prepper pad to scan for useful items to prolong your survival. All these things make Zombi a very tense game; you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat when you hear a couple of zombies making their way to your location.


There are a number of different enemies throughout the game ranging from normal zombies to former police officers. Some of the enemies can take more damage (a riot police officer for example) and might demand a more strategical approach. Resources are scarce so you need to find effective methods of killing zombies.  You also need to be careful as to where you access your backpack. When you’re accessing your backpack you’re vulnerable to zombie attacks which can drain your health pretty quick. In the game you visit a number of iconic sites in London; Buckingham palace, the London underground, the Tower Bridge etc which give the game a familiar feel for anyone who’s ever been to London. Zombi isn’t the prettiest game but it does give you the feeling of being in apocalyptic London.

Conclusion: Zombi is a great survival horror game for fans of the genre. It takes about 10 hours to finish the game which is great value for money. 

Score: 8.5/10


One thought on “Zombi Review ! (PS4)

  1. This is by far one of the most neutral and un-opinonated reviews I have read as of yet on this game. This game gets a lot of hate but I very much enjoyed it on the Wii U. As for your words, “the game mechanics are clunky, but you are survivor, not a highly trained super soldier.” truer words have never been spoken, you are a survivor with no prior experience. Except those in the USA and maybe those in the Middle east, most people have never touched a gun, let alone use one. So I think that for a game to make using a weapon a science rather than an extension of one’s own arm is ingenious. I enjoyed this review very much and look forward to hearing more from you. I run a blog myself based on Nintendo news and other stuff, but if you have any Nintendo themed articles, I would be happy to reblog them for you


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