Hitman Sniper Review ! (Android, iOs)

Everybody’s favorite bald headed assassin is back in a new Hitman game. Hitman: Sniper is a mobile game for Android and iOs devices that puts you behind Agent 47’s sniper rifle.


Don’t expect a full Hitman game. It’s basically a sniper mini game (pretty comparable to the pre-order bonus we got for Hitman Absolution) but it’s a good one. Before every mission you get a number of assignments. There’s always a primary target but there are also certain additional tasks like getting 2 head shots or killing 4 guards.  It’s important to do the additional tasks first because as soon as you eliminate your primary target, the mission ends.

You earn money for every task you complete and that money can be used to upgrade your sniper rifle. There are different elements of your rifle that you can upgrade such as fire rate, zoom, stability and clip size. You can also unlock parts to build yourself a brand new weapon.


There are some stealth element in this game. You can’t just go around and mow down people with your sniper rifle because the guards will notice and sound the alarm. So it’s important to hide the bodies of the people you’ve just given another breathing hole. You can be pretty original in your approach; wait until a guard walks by a swimming pool to take him out or wait until he leans on the balcony to give him the kill shot. These little elements give this game the Hitman feel even though it’s pretty far removed from being a full Hitman title.


Hitman Sniper is a fun mobile game that gives you the feeling of being an assassin on the road. The price might be a bit high for some people (€4.99) but it’s worth it!


Score: 9/10


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